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Level brings more than a decade of Commercial Real Estate experience.

Through industry experience, passion and creative solutions Level works to source investment opportunities that focuses on our enhancing underutilized, small to mid-sized commercial properties that are well located and improve the communities they are located.


Level believes every small business has a unique story and real estate can be a big part of that story.

As an experienced real estate brokerage firm, Level is tailored to help small businesses and entrepreneurs through their real estate journey.


As an experienced and sophisticated real estate consulting company, Level Real Estate can meet your needs ranging from market analysis to planning and entitlements.

We guide clients through making one of the most important decisions they may ever make regarding  their business.

Every Approach is Personal

As a multifaceted company that offers commercial real estate consulting, we will help you achieve your goals and ensure it happens in a way that is affordable and fair. We do this by first intently listening to your passions, goals, needs, and budget.

Next, we’ll build upon your ideas. We’ll also show you any potential issues you may face down the road and support you in developing strategies to help you not only deal with those issues, but also handle your future successes.

The commercial real estate consulting arm of Level Real Estate will provide you with the overall support your business needs to survive and create positive impact on our community.


charting a new course

A failed property becomes an active community hub of wealth, wellness, and education including a new charter school. 

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