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“Luke’s honesty and commitment to excellence are not questioned whether in community organizations or working on a project.”

Ray Martinez

City Council and Former Mayor, City of Fort Collins
"Working with Luke and seeing his thoughtful and creative approach to projects is refreshing and in my eyes sets him apart from other property owners and developers. Luke is highly thought off and well respected from inside the municipalities I work with and we are excited when he brings a project in"

Katy Press

KP Consulting
“Luke’s creativity, work ethic and focus on relationships are what set him apart, and are extremely important as the retail and development world continue to change.”

Bryan McFarland

"He understands people and finds solutions that benefit all parties in a transaction in a timely fashion. He did an excellent job helping us build caring engaged community linkages between our merchants and the communities in which we operate."

Allen Ginsborg

NewMark Merrill
In my time working with him on a number of initiatives, I’ve seen Luke demonstrate leadership, forward thinking and creative problem solving. He is able to advance and explain complicated community challenges, bring together diverse perspectives and champion solutions. He works tirelessly to get projects to the finish line, and do so in a way that is collaborative and thoughtful. He doesn’t take no for an answer, and always finds interesting ways to achieve meaningful goals."

Jamie Gillis


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